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How to Support Civil Society In Ukraine

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Due to the war, many local NGOs in Ukraine have had to quickly adapt to support disaster relief and immediate humanitarian needs. Many local NGOs have received no external support according to research by the Zagoriy Foundation. In war-affected areas, many NGO offices have been physically destroyed, the existing funding for the majority of organizations is running out, and there is no guarantee that resources will be there in the near future. 

Please support local NGOs and advance sustainability in Ukraine. There is no set or required amount for donations. Donate any sum you want. If you represent an organization and would like to make a large contribution, please contact us here. 


You can donate through until July 31 - the first and largest fundraising platform in Ukraine for online charity, an effective and modern tool for raising funds to help NGOs and people during the war in Ukraine.

Funds will be distributed to each of the following local NGOs in Ukraine based on their need:


Zero Waste Alliance Ukraine
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