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About the campaign

The war in Ukraine comes on top of a deluge of unprecedented global events that threaten to turn back progress on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and undermine the well-being of people and the environment around the world. 


A climate and food crisis, the 6th wave of mass extinction, inequality, injustice of many varieties, a global pandemic and now the war in Ukraine. The war is shaking the global security, food and energy situation all over the world, and the greatest impacts of these events are felt most by the under-represented and vulnerable groups that have had little say in the global system that has brought us here.


Due to the war, many local NGOs in Ukraine have had to quickly adapt to support disaster relief and immediate humanitarian needs. Many local NGOs have received no external support according to research by the Zagoriy Foundation. In war-affected areas, many NGO offices have been physically destroyed, the existing funding for the majority of organizations is running out, and there is no guarantee that resources will be there in the near future. The global community has an opportunity to help them continue the important environmental and social work that is a critical part of the transition to a sustainable and equitable world.


Please support local NGOs and advance sustainability in Ukraine. The local NGOs work across a variety of areas, including environment, equity and inclusion, and education. In addition, we are also offering the option of donating funds to WWF Ukraine.

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On June 21st and -22nd, GlobeScan, CSR Europe, CSR Ukraine and over a dozen partner organizations are jointly organizing a global 24-hour web-a-thon on the future of sustainability to both foster high-level discussions at this critical juncture and to raise funds to support civil society and sustainability in Ukraine. Partners include: 3BL, Akatu Institute (Brazil), AuctusESG (India), B Lab, BBMG, BSR, Business Fights Poverty, Business Leaders Forum, CBSR (Canada), CSR Europe, CSR Ukraine, ELEVATE, Forum for the Future, GlobeScan, GreenBiz, GRI, Maala (Israel), Net Positive, Rethink Asia, SB Japan,  SB Thailand, Sustainability Connect (Singapore), and WWF.


The web-a-thon will be a continuous, online webinar with 24 different panels and topics exploring the future of sustainability and the roles of business, civil society and governments in building a more equitable and sustainable world. We are gathering a diverse slate of global thought leaders, practitioners and influencers who will diagnose the current state of sustainability and begin to fill in pieces of a revived roadmap to help us navigate towards a brighter future.

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