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Sustainability for Ukraine

24-hour web-a-thon on the future of sustainability and fundraiser to help rebuild civil society in Ukraine

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June 21 from 1:00 pm BST / 8:00 am EST

About the campaign

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Ukraine Flag

The war in Ukraine comes on top of a deluge of unprecedented global events that threaten to turn back progress on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and undermine the well-being of people and countries around the world.

In war-affected areas, many NGO offices have been physically destroyed, the existing funding for the majority of organizations is running out, and there is no guarantee that resources will be there in the near future.

The global community has an opportunity to help them continue the important environmental and social work that is a critical part of the transition to a sustainable and equitable world.

Web-a-thon and Speakers

On June 21 - 22 the global sustainability community has come together for 24 hours to take stock of the sustainable development agenda and catalyze action to get us back on track for the world we know is possible. This event raised vital financial support for local NGOs in Ukraine that have been devastated by the war.

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The following organizations have led sessions of the web-a-thon and leveraged their networks to mobilize attendance and fundraising: 3BL, Akatu Institute (Brazil), AuctusESG (India), B Lab, BBMG, BSR, Business Fights Poverty, Business Leaders Forum, CBSR (Canada), CSR Europe, CSR Ukraine, ELEVATE, Forum for the Future, GlobeScan, GreenBiz, GRI, Maala (Israel), Net Positive, Rethink Asia, SB Japan,  SB Thailand, Sustainability Connect (Singapore), and WWF.

How to support

Learn more about how you can support local NGOs and advance sustainability in Ukraine. There is no set or required amount for donations. Donate any sum you want. If you represent an organization and would like to make a large contribution, please contact us here.

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